Consuming Angels: Advertising and Victorian Women

Timid and retiring, the Victorian housewife was an "angel in the house," or so says the stereotype. But when this angel picked up a popular magazine--The Lady, for instance--she saw in its advertisements images of Grecian goddesses, women warriors, queens, actresses, adventurers. These arrestingly sexual and surprisingly powerful images are the subject of Consuming Angels, a major examination of how Victorian ads shaped social values...

Marketing spüren: Willkommen am Dritten Ort

Brandlands und Flagship Stores, Urban Entertainment Center und hippe Lokale gehören zu den neuen Erlebniswelten der Wirtschaft. Nach der durchgestalteten Wohnung und dem ästhetischen Arbeitsplatz sind die »Dritten Orte« jene öffentlichen Plätze, an denen man sich zu Hause fühlt und emotional auftanken kann. Sie sind Räume spektakulären Erlebnismarketings und »begehbarer Werbung« zugleich. Und sie bringen unsere Städte zum Leuchten, d...

Labor Market Dynamics in Libya: Reintegration for Recovery

Since the 2011 uprising that toppled the former regime, Libya has been mired in deep political strife. An economy in which agriculture once flourished was converted wholesale to an oil-based rentier state of the most extreme kind. Following the immediate post-revolution oil-consumption boom, in 2014 Libya's economy is in recession. Security is the greatest challenge to stability (World Bank 2014). Today, limited opportunities exist f...

Physicians as Leaders: Who, How, and Why Now?

This practical work has clinical guidelines, and advice on controlling symptoms, as well as showing doctors and carers how to provide physical and psychological comfort. It helps the clinician to develop a scientific approach to managing symptoms.

Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) provides generalized project management guidance applicable to most projects most of the time. In order to apply this generalized guidance to construction projects, the Project Management Institute has developed the Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide. This Construction Extension provides construction-specific guidance for the project management practitioner fo...

Marketing: In vier Schritten zum eigenen Marketingkonzept

Professionelles Marketing ist für jedes Unternehmen ein zentraler Erfolgsfaktor. Verschaffen Sie sich mit dieser grundlegenden Einführung einen Vorsprung aus brandaktuellem Marketing-Wissen. Begeistern Sie Ihre Zielgruppe effektiver und nachhaltiger für Ihre Marke, Ihr Produkt oder Ihr Unternehmen. "Marketing - in vier Schritten zum eigenen Marketingkonzept" behandelt fokussiert und leicht verständlich alle wichtigen Marketinginstrum...

Advertising Cultures

Through its artful engagement with consumers, advertising subtly shapes our everyday worlds. It plays upon powerful emotions – envy, fear, lust and ambition. But the industry itself is far more subtle and complex than many people might assume. Through an innovative mix of business strategy and cultural theory, this pioneering book provides a behind-the-scenes analysis of the link between advertising and larger cultural forces, as wel...

Ecosoc Ad Hoc Advisory Groups on African Countries Emerging from Conflict: The Silent Avant-garde

This book presents an assessment of the role, performance and practice of the ECOSOC Ad Hoc Advisory Groups on African Countries Emerging from Conflict. The Mandate of these groups is to prepare recommendations for a long-term programme of support and provide advice on how to ensure that the assistance of the international community is adequate, coherent, well coordinated and effective. This experience constitutes a new form of inter...

I'm Too Hot Now: Themes and Variations from General Practice

Tomorrow's general practitioners will inhabit a world of ever greater sophistication and complexity. New skills will be demanded to manage the changing expectations of patients and governments. In an age of information overload, new patterns of creative, intelligent working will need to develop. This book provides a framework, illustrated by practical examples, for such a career path to develop and be supported. It examines a number ...

Wirtschaftsförderung in Lehre und Praxis

Inhalt des Lehrbuchs sind theoretische Grundlagen für eine strategische Wirtschaftsförderung. Zunächst werden relevante Entwicklungstheorien und regionalökonomische Ansätze vorgestellt und diskutiert. Dabei erfolgen Rückgriffe auf verschiedene Bausteine aus Entwicklungs- und Außenwirtschaftstheorie, Industrieökonomik, aber auch aus diversen Standorttheorien inklusive Clustertheorien. Ziel ist es, ein erstes Verständnis dafür zu gewin...