Reflections of an American Harpsichordist

This collection of unpublished writings by the eminent harpsichordist and scholar Ralph Kirkpatrick contains his memoirs for the period 1933-77 as well as essays on a variety of topics, including his preparation for the first performance of Elliott Carter's Double Concerto, thoughts on editing Bach's Goldberg Variations, and reflections on recording, chamber music, performance, and harpsichords and their transport. The volume also co...

Think Analog: Die faszinierende Welt der analogen Fotografie. Fotografie al dente

think analog … aus purer Passion Schneller, höher, weiter? Weit gefehlt, immer mehr Menschen steigen, zumindest in ihrer kostbaren Freizeit, aus dem digitalen Hamsterrad aus und entdecken die Vorzüge der neuen Langsamkeit - so auch in der Fotografie. Analoge Fotografie ist einzigartig, nicht reproduzierbar und über allem steht das unvergleichliche Spannungsmoment. Von der bewussten Bildkomposition, den Druck auf den Auslöser bis hin ...

Lenses Guide by Margaret Brown (2014)

This guide starts with tech basics of today's lenses – the varying mounts and formats, image stabilisation and focusing systems, image sensor size – and their impact on lens performance. It covers why and when to use prime lenses, standard kit lenses, telephoto kit lenses, and 'all-in-one' extended zoom lenses. Lenses Guide advises the best types of lenses for different types of photography – landscapes, portraiture, sports and wildl...

Supprimez vous-mêmes vos douleurs par simple pression d'un doigt

L'acupuncture, cette technique qui nous vient d'Extrême-Orient, a su s'imposer en Occident, et ceux qui font appel à elle sont de plus en plus nombreux. Pourquoi ne sauriez-vous pas, comme le font des milliers de Chinois, soulager vos proches et vous-même par simple pression d'un doigt ? Il ne s'agit pas, bien sûr, de traitements complets, réservés aux médecins acupuncteurs, mais de calmer rapidement, aussi bien qu'avec gouttes ou ca...

Integrating the Patient and Caregiver Voice into Serious Illness Care: Proceedings of a Workshop

Millions of peopleâ€"infants, children, adults, and their familiesâ€"are currently coping with serious illness in the United States. Efforts are intensifying to improve overall care quality through the delivery of person-centered and family-oriented services, for patients of all ages and across disease stages, care settings, and specialties. While aging Baby Boomers are increasing the proportion of patients in the Medicare population...

Zabbix Network Monitoring - Second Edition

Gather detailed statistics and data while monitoring the performance and availability of network devices and applications using the all-new Zabbix 3.0 About This Book Monitor your network and deploy impressive business solutions with Zabbix 3.0 Manage hosts and system maintenance to keep your network performing for the people who use it A step-by-step guide to smarter network monitoring Who This Book Is For If you're new to Zabbix lo...

Fundamentals and Advances in Knitting Technology

Fundamentals and advances in knitting technology looks at the history of knitting and how the process has evolved to the latest developments. Chapters discuss the principles involved in different types of knitting machines and the different types of loops and knitted structures. The science and quality aspects of knitting, calculations related to knitting, and the mechanics of knitting are also examined. The book is primarily based o...

The Quarter-Acre Farm: How I Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed My Family for a Year

When Spring Warren told her husband and two teenage boys that she wanted to grow 75 percent of all the food they consumed for one year—and that she wanted to do it in their yard—they told her she was crazy. She did it anyway. The Quarter-Acre Farm is Warren’s account of deciding—despite all resistance—to take control of her family’s food choices, get her hands dirty, and create a garden in her suburban yard. It’s a story of bugs, wor...

Revolutionaries of the Cosmos: The Astro-Physicists

Galileo, Newton, Herschel, Huggins, Hale, Eddington, Shapley and Hubble: these astronomers applied ideas drawn from physics to astronomy and made dramatic changes to the world-pictures that they inherited. They showed that celestial objects are composed of the same materials as the earth and that they behave in the same way. They displaced successively the earth, the sun and finally the milky way galaxy from being the centre of the u...

Burek: A Culinary Metaphor

'As simple as burek' is a popular phrase used by many young people in Slovenia. In this book Jernej Mleku maintains that the truth is just the opposite. The burek is a pie made of pastry dough filled with various fillings that is well-known in the Balkans, and also in Turkey and the Near East by other names. Whether on the plate or as a cultural artifact, it is in fact, not that simple. After a brief stroll through its innocent histo...